Glossybox Austria: October 2016

I have a very weird relationship with Glossybox. On one hand I love being able to get to know new products, on another hand I’ve been getting a bit disappointed lately.

What started as a new concept has become mainstream. Why? Because I also follow other people and have realized in the last few months that we’re all getting the same things in our boxes. Shouldn’t all boxes be individual? Why do we take the test, if we’re all going to get the same things?

Nevertheless curiosity wins and I keep coming back for more. Today I’m sharing with you what I got in the October box and let you know how I liked it.

Glossybox Austria October 2016

The theme for October was “Natural Beauty – Home Spa Edition” and I have to say I liked it – I too try to have “spa days” at home, where I can spoil myself.

The first product I saw was the eyelash serum from Nuvega. I use a similar serum and I really enjoy it. I have never tried this brand, but I will as soon as the one I currently am using had finished. I found it cool that it is a vegan product, since there’s more and more vegan people and they also want to use beauty products. The price, however, I found to be a bit high: at 89,95€ per 3ml it’s super expensive. I’ll still try it out and see how it works. 

As second I saw was the Lip Parfait from Triffle Cosmetics. The packaging is super cute with all the colours, but it does not seem to be very practical, since it’s made out of carton. To me that meant it’s break easily. It does fit into the concept, since it is also a vegan product. Even though it has vitamin E and is supposed to be very soft and moisturizing, the colour does not suit me at all. It’s way too light and it does not go on pretty either. It costs 17,95€ for 3,5g.

Next came the Cacao Butter body cream, which I got in the Mango scent. I have to say it smells really good, without being too strong or greasy, even though it is very moisturizing. The magazin only spoke about the chocolate one, which probably smells good too, but since not everyone got it, I think they should have kept it neutral. You can also use it as a face cream, which I won’t because it seems to be too rich. It costs 14,90€ for 200ml.

Glossybox Austria October 2016

The Dudu-Osun black soap comes from Africa and is supposed to be very famous is Nigeria. The small black soap does not look like much, but is supposed to be a multi-talent: you can use it in your body and hair, as a mask and even to shave. It’s also suited for acne prone and neurodermitis prone skin. Since I have the latter, I found it very interesting and cannot wait to test it. It costs 6,90€ for 150g.

I’ve been looking for an eye cream for quite some time, so the Lavera Illuminating Eye Cream was right up my alley. I like the brand and this cream is supposed to hide blueish shadoes under the eyes – which I could use and save up in concealer. It’s also supposed to help with fine lines and signs of tiredness. The price isn’t bad either at 9,99€ for 15ml.

Last but not least, the Luxus Mask which has gold, champanhe, caviar and pearls in it. These are supposed to activate your microcirculation, moisturize and protect your skin. It smells really good and my skin felt very light after using it. If the microcirculation was activated, I cannot say. It costs 0,69€ for 2x5ml and I’ll buy it myself sometime.

These were my thoughts on the October Glossybox. Are you also subscribed to it?


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