Get catty

Rosie has a camera. A good camera. A canon camera. Pretty and pretty expensive. Rosie uses the camera regularly. But then Rosie forgets to upload the pictures on the computer. And when she does, she already doesn’t look like in said pictures.
But today when Rosie uploaded the pictures, she decided her makeup was too good not to write about. So here it is. My makeup from like two thousand weeks ago.
I love myself a cat eye, but until recently I only used to use my gel liner from essence (so much cheaper than MAC’s one and does an even better job in my opinion!)
A month ago I decided to try out a liquid liner from the drugstore Bipa here in Austria. At a little over 6€ I thought it would be a safe bet to try, not going to spend much money and boy was I right..It is, without any doubt, the best liquid eyeliner I EVER tried!!!
It’s waterproof and does not smudge AT ALL! I can wear this all day and it will not budge!
I just love the look of a cat eye…


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