Hello everyone!!

How are you all today? I really hope you guys are doing good!! Want to read this post? Click below ๐Ÿ˜‰
So, since my breakup, I’ve been spending my time surrounding myself with people that make me feel good! FRIENDS!!! I’m really blessed to have such great friends who love me (I hope they do haha) and whom I can count on!!

ย This picture is like a definition of what a Friend is!! And it’s so cute as well!!

I must admit, I was being kind of a downer and didn’t really want to be/talk to them, but I’m blessed to have friends who push me into being better and happier!ย 
My friends really are Angels! They make me laugh, they take my head of other things I don’t need to be thinking about right now and most of all, they are there for me, any time!ย 

I’ve always been the one who helps the others…the one who gives the advice and cries and laughs with them…and I must admit, it’s kind of good to sit in the other side for once.. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t like being down or sad, but now I know how I make my friends feel when they really need a pick-me-up! =D

Yeah ok…this picture is just because it cracked me up =P


And now, many many kisses for all you people out there who might read this!!! =D
xox Rose


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