Fall wishlist: it’s all about the boots!

Goal: keeping warm during winter!

The weather in Austria is totally different than in Portugal: it’s a dry cold and if there is something you need here are good shoes during the Winter. 

Because the weather here is so different, boots that would normally keep me dry and warm in Portugal, just don’t cut it here. Naturally, I have been spending more than the average in boots, than I would spend over there. Still, the boots I bought two years ago simply don’t keep me warm and the sole is uncomfortable, even with fur insoles. As you may have noticed by now, I am in desperate need of new boots!

So here are a few examples of boots I really like at the moment: 

1 – Ugg Triplet Bailey Button: as you guys know, I bought my first pair of Uggs in January 2016 and have never regretted it! Sure, they cost me 200€, but they are not only the most comfortable shoes I own, they also keep me warm all day long. Granted, they are not the best shoes for when it is raining (at all), however, that is not what they are for. I have wanted a higher pair forever now, but at a 300€ price point, they are very expensive. That is the reason why they will most probably stay forever in my wishlists. Unless I find them on sale or a used pair in a very good condition.

2 – Over the knee boots: I (miraculously) found a pair like these about 3 years ago that did not break my bank and fit me! Unfortunately they were not very good quality and I had to throw them away last year, since they started letting water in, which is not something you want when it is cold or wet outside. I would love to find another similar pair! 

3 – Brown tie-up boots: the boots I mentioned in the first paragraph look very similar to these. They cost me 50€ at Deichmann and even though they are not the most stylish boots ever, they kept me dry. Unfortunately they do not keep me warm at all, but maybe some good insoles would keep me warm and make them comfortable? What do you guys think?

4 – Black tie-up boots: though this would be my last choice regarding boots, if I cannot find anything else, I will go for a pair like these. They are black and tie-up, which means they will fit me – that is an important thing when you have bigger calves. They are a bit too sporty for my liking, but since they are black, I think I could make them work. 

The ones I don’t necessarily need, but really like: 

5 – Wedged booties: I must confess, I saw this pair at Deichmann and really liked them! Sure, they are not exactly the type of shoe I need at the moment, but they would make my outfits look a bit more put together than with flats – for those days when you want to be a bit taller. With an 8cm heel, they are the perfect height for me to walk comfortably and the wedge would ensure they would be easy to walk in even with my growing belly.

6 – Black chelsea boots: I bought a pair of chelsea boots from Tamaris last winter, they are brown and made out of leather. And they are my favorite pair of shoes for fall. The “problem”: they are my my only pair of shoes for fall. That is why I have been toying with the idea to get a pair in black, not out of leather, so they would not be as expensive. The bonus part? They would look good with skirts/dresses as well (since I always wear black tights). 

What do you guys think of my wishlist? Are you also craving new shoes for the colder seasons? 


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