Dupe Alert: Urban Decay and LE Essence

I love lipsticks. The only thing I need, when I don’t want to wear a full face of makeup (and my skin isn’t acting up) is mascara and lipstick. One of my favorite lipsticks ever is from Urban Decay and I first fell in love with it through an old colleague from my university, who is now also a blogger (only in Portuguese though).

The best thing? I found a dupe for it!

Backtalk Urban Decay

The funny thing? I wasn’t even looking for a dupe!

Urban Decay is one of my favorite makeup brands, but unfortunately it isn’t necessarily inexpensive. A lipstick costs around 20€, which is comparable to MAC, yet with a lot better quality. And that is saying a lot! The lipsticks from Essence can also be very good – from my experence they’re either super good or extremely bad, depending on the formula and finish. And it was because of the finish of this lipstick that I didn’t notice it was a dupe – or else I’d have told you guys before, when the limited edition was still in store.

Backtalk from Urban Decay – that’s the name of the lipstick – has a “comfort matte” finish. It’s not completely matte, but still holds up very long! I have the feeling it is a matte lipstick with a nourish component to it. It’s one of my favorite colors ever and I wear it a lot. 

The limited edition from Essence was called me&my umbrella and this lipstick is in the color 02 and is called I <3 rainy days. Yes, there’s a real heart in the name. Unlike Backtalk, it has a pretty strong fruity smell – that I personally like, but I can see it being an issue for a lot of people. Even though it is listed as matt, I would say it is a creamy lisptick, there’s really nothing matt about it. 

Backtalk Urban Decay

In the picture above you can see Backtalk (below) and I <3 rainy days (above). As you can see, the colors are almost identical! If I hadn’t swatched them myself, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference just based on the colors.

Regarding durability, Backtalk wins the race without any doubt. It holds up hours, if I don’t eat anything. Drinking is fine, depending on what the beverage is. The dupe from Essence, on the other hand, only holds up one or two hours before it disappears. In return, it is also a lot more comfortable and pleasant on the lips. 

Personally, I like both lipsticks and wear both a lot, depending on my mood. Unfortunately the dupe from Essence was a limited edition and cannot be found in stores anymore, but I wish they’d put it in the normal sortiment, because the color is do die for!

Have you ever found a dupe for one of your favorite lipsticks? Let me know in the comments!


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