Downtown fun!


Hey hey everyone!! =D

Hope you all are doing amazingly amazing! (excited much? =P)

So, yesterday me and D. decided to meet in downtown Lisbon. You know, because we never go to downtown =P 

And here are a couple of pictures of what we did yesterday!! Hope y’all enjoy it!

We had to hit Starbucks! And by we, I mean me =P I’m the coffee drinker in this relationship…which makes that I’m the accelerated one and he’s the calmer one, which is good to keep my feet (and head) in the ground!!
I have a boo boo in my left arm =( it hurts like hell and I really don’t know how I made it or what it is =X maybe a sprained wrist? Do sprained wrists hurt? (stupid question, I know, but never had one before….)
Close-up of my ear-ring! It’s hand-made by a friend of my aunts and I absolutely love them! She gave them to me a couple of years ago on Christmas and I still wear them non-stop (except for the 2 months I lost them in my car haha).
Close-up of my weird-looking eye!!! Until I discovered the term “hazel” people would always fight about what my eye color is: green, brown or grayish? We don’t have the term “hazel” in the Portuguese language, so it was only when I bumped into in on Google that I finally felt like I wasn’t a weirdo anymore =P

IMG_0089I guess the phrase I used the most yesterday was “Stop it!!!” when D. was taking pictures of me without me realizing it =P

This was what I was wearing…pretty comfy.. Not really stylish haha!! It’s a shame, a stylist not dressing herself stylish (although I heard that many stylists have problems dressing themselves! Ok, I heard it only from Stacy London, but still, I got what she meant!!)


Anyways, hope you guys likes the post and I wish all of you an amazing day!!! What did you do on your last free day? Let me know (I’m curious like that haha!)
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xo Rosie



  1. Monday August 6th, 2012 / 03:39 PM

    Hi sweetie, You look so cute and I love your outfit <3

    Baci <3

  2. Monday August 6th, 2012 / 05:44 PM

    Thank you so much! =)


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