Dear May… Life Update #1 2017

Today is the 1st of May. I still haven’t gotten used to not working on holidays. Welcome to the grown-up world!

Today we had a yummy breakfast in our balcony – the weather is finally good enough for us to sit outside! And even though my trustworthy weather app says it will rain this week, at least it will not be too cold! Enough talking, here is my first Life Update of the year!


Life Update #1

Yes, I am aware I have not done a Life Update for quite some time. Honestly, there wasn’t much to talk about. But I do find these Life Updates cool, because I can come back in a few years and look back. 

1- After annoying Markus for a long time with my “I’ll do it, I won’t do it” talk, I finally registered to a Digital Communications and Online Marketing course at WIFI Linz. I had been wanting to keep studying for a while and, if we’re keeping it real here, my diploma from Portugal isn’t really worth much (anything) here. So it was either get another diploma or keep working badly paid jobs. This course is totally up my alley and I’m already excited to finish it! 

2- After the whole stress with my old company, I was a bit careful when it came to look for a job. I didn’t want to end up again in a company where workers aren’t respected and it takes someone to go into burnout and make a formal complaint against the company for something to change. Additionally, I still need time to concentrate on my course, learning does not happen by itself. However, I still kept an eye on the market, carefully, and I found something! I’ve been working in the marketing department of a very cool company for almost two months. And I have to admit, I think sometimes you need to go through something really bad, in order for you to actually tresure something good. I’m extremely happy at my new job and hope to keep working there for a long time!

3- For everyone that keeps asking: Daisy is doing fine! She has developed into a little Lady Cat, since Donald left. Donald is also doing great, he’s hunting mice and rats and loving every second of freedom. He’s much happier and even though I miss him and his purring a ton, I know he’s doing a lot better where he is. And we get to see him a lot, which also makes me super happy!

4- Oh, you probably already noticed: the blog has changed! It still isn’t exactly like I want it to be, which is normal, things to happen from day to night. I want this to be a platform where people all feel good and where we can support one another. I also will start (in June, the latest) with monthly interviews on the blog. If you have any wishes, just let me know!

5- What would be of a Life Update, without talking about health? It’s not easy living with fibromyalgia, but it is doable! One of my doctors realized I have a huge vitamin D deficit, which makes pain a lot worse. So I’ve been taking daily high doses of vitamin D and it does really help with the pain. Additionally I also stopped taking another medicine, specific for fibro, because on one hand I wanted to see if it really was helping or if the vitamin D alone would do the trick and on the other hand the side effects were horrible and my quality of life was decreasing. I haven’t taken it for almost two months and even though it did help (a lot!) with the pain, I can control it pretty well in other ways and won’t go back to taking the medicine right now. 

6- I started painting again! I found a painters set in Thalia for 35€ and I had to get it. The expensive thing about painting is getting the material and the set already included the paint, brushes, canvas and a stand. They’re acrylic colors, but I’ll make the best of it. When I can afford it, I’ll get myself some oil colors, with them I pain a lot better and I like it best too.

7- I went to the ABCstar conference in Linz again! You can read more on it here

That’s it! I’ll try to write these Life Updates once a month!

How do you like this type of posts? I really like reading them, I always have the feeling I get to know the blogger behind the blog a bit better! 


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