Cozy Sunday: cooking and cuddling!

 I got back to Vienna last night and I’m happy and sad at the same time..
I’m happy to be back in Vienna, because I love this city and that means being with my babies again, but I’m sad to leave my parents again…it feels like 3 weeks went by so fast… I already went and picked up Donald & Daisy, moved the furniture around, unpacked what was left to unpack and cleaned the house. After that I decided I was hungry and I went and made myself something with the few ingredients I had on hand.
I boiled some penne pasta, then put a bit of olive oil and some garlic in the same boiling pan (what? I use the same pan, less to wash up after!) and once it was warm and yummy I put some olives and some tomato sauce. Topped it with spices and it was delicious!
The rest of the day will be spent cuddling up to these two (who, after spending 2h mad at me in hiding, are already curled up behind me on the chair) and watching a marathon of Buffy, the vampire slayer on my computer!
How are you spending your Sunday?


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