Conference review: Salt and the City 2017 in Salzburg

My experience at Salt and the City

Those of you who follow me on Social Media may have noticed I went to the Salt and the City conference last Saturday in Salzburg. The whole event took place from the 29th of September to the 1st of October, but I only went on Saturday when the actual conference took place. 

The day began for me with a 1h train trip to Salzburg, where I managed to write a new post! That is what I call being productive!

At Salt and the City, they had breakfast waiting for us when we got there, from 9:30 to 10:00, when the two lovely ladies who organized the event welcomed us all. The lovely Sandra from Zwischen Wimpern und Windeln found me at the water table and we stuck together the rest of the day. (Btw, she has the most beautiful blog ever – only in DE – with gorgeous pictures. And she is super nice and sweet in person! Definitely go check her out!!) We headed to the Theater Room, where Caro and Sonja welcomed us to the event. There we also met Sarah, who just started writing her blog Neues Miteinander, and is super sweet as well. 


Verena, from Who is Mocca?

The talks

The fist talk was called “Voice sells” and given by Arno Fischbacher, who gave us tipps to talk into a camera in a natural way. I found this talk not only informative, but also very funny! He was followed by Verena from Who is Mocca?, a lovely blogger from Innsbruck whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year, whose talk was all about how she took her hobby blog and turned it into a business. She also took her two dogs Mocca and Teddy and I even got to meet her fiancé (who did not think I was rude for greeting the dogs before him!) 

The next talk we attended was all about Blogging Law – or lack thereof! We blogger act in a sort of grey zone, because there is no general Internet Law. However, there are some things we need to follow, regardless of which country we are in! Like transparency when it comes to ads. Peter Harlander, a lawyer from Salzburg whom I had already seen speaking in Linz. He had his hands full with a lot of questions from everyone and it was a very informative talk. 


Niko Zuparic – F**ck was ist mein Style?

We had lunch from 1pm to 2pm and then things continued with Niko Zuparic, who had the best introduction to a talk! He basically made a short movie/collage of photographs that we see everyday on instagram, from big bloggers/influencers. It was very interesting to see how they pretty much all looked the same and took variations of the same photographs! He then went on to tell us some photography rules (and how to break them!). I must say, I found this talk very inspiring!

The next speaker was Caro, one of the organizers of Salt and the City, who spoke about picture composition, with a twist: she took very known paintings and compared them to modern photography, telling us how we can adapt the same rules being used for centuries. Now, I had a couple of Art subjects when in university and I loved what she did and how she used known (old) art and incorporated it into contemporary art. But, I do understand why some people may have been a bit disappointed with this talk, having expected her to go and tell us how to do things step by step. I still think she did an amazing job!


Caro – Bildkomposition

The second to last talk was a bit of a bummer for me, though it’s my own fault. See, we could choose between one called “What the Nudge? Why am I clicking there?” by Marlene Scherf and another talk called “Hate in the web” by Alexandra Stanic. I decided to go with the talk by Marlene, because I thought she would give us tipps on how to add certain things to our posts and how to get readers to click on links we post, in a natural way. And quite honestly, though online hate is a topic that I really find interesting, I thought there are a lot of articles and podcasts online about it, so I decided to forego it. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the talk I attended wasn’t very informative. Of better yet, it was only informative – Marlene basically showed us what “Nudges” are. Don’t get me wrong – it was interesting! It just wasn’t what I had expected. 


Viktoria Resch – Das bist du wert!

Lastly, the best talk of the day! Viki from My Mirror World gave a talk about worth – more specifically what we bloggers are worth! She was so inspiring and down to earth! I had already met her last year and was looking forward to her talk, which did not disappoint. The talk focused on what we bloggers actually do and how we should be paid for writing about products for companies! I will write a detailed post about my thought on this. Viktoria really managed to end the conference in the perfect note!

Picture belongs to Sandra from Zwischen Wimpern und Windeln – Me, Sandra and Sarah

The organizers managed to make an amazing think, especially when you take into account that it was done by 3 people!! All in all I really loved the conference and would love to go again. Unfortunately it was just made public that there will not be another edition of the Salt and the City conference. On the 1st of October, the last day, there was another event to which half of the people who were registered did not show up. I think that is totally disrespectful and just a big no-no! I knew I wasn’t going, so I did not register for it and I get things can get in the way – still, the right thing to do is always say something or inform you will not be able to attend!

Thank you to Caro, Sonja and all the partners and sponsors for organizing Salt and the City!



  1. Friday October 6th, 2017 / 11:42 AM

    Ein sehr schöner Post, vielen lieben Dank für die Erwähnung. Ich freue mich sehr, wenn ich dich ein bisschen motivieren konnte. Bis bald! 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Friday October 6th, 2017 / 04:50 PM

    Liebe Rosie! Du hast diesen Tag wirklich soooo toll zusammengefasst, hier merkt man einfach, dass du bereits viel mehr Blog-Erfahrung hast als ich! Vielen Dank für deine lieben Worte, ich kann das alles nur zurückgeben! Sehr schade, dass es nächstes Jahr keine SALT geben wird! Ich kann das auch nicht wirklich nachvollziehen, dass man nicht absagt, wenn man nicht kommen kann!
    Sei es drum, wir hatten einen super Tag und das zählt! Alles Liebe und vielleicht bis bald!

  3. Laney
    Thursday November 2nd, 2017 / 04:38 AM

    Hey Rosie!
    Danke, dass du dabei warst! Auch wenn es schade ist, dass mein Talk deine Erwartungen nicht erfüllt hat. Hoffentlich war zumindest eine kleine Mehrwertinfo für dich dabei.

    Bis bald!

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