Easy Recipe: Butter cookies

Butter Cookies I like to have cookies or biscuits at home, they’re easy to make and I know what goes in them. Today I’m sharing a very easy recipe for butter cookies. The Ingredients 250 g flour 100 g sugar + some extra for decoration 100 g butter in pieces 1 egg 1…

Steak and veggies galore

Like I told you in this Post, Markus and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. But we still took it as an excuse to have an amazing dinner, that Markus cooked! A week or so before Valentine’s Day Markus asked me what I would like to have for dinner – and told…

Easy Recipe: Pampilhos – the Portuguese recipe from Santarém

[:en] You’re probably thinking “Pam-what?”. Pampilhos are a pastry typical from Santarém and today I am sharing its recipe with you! Spoiler: they’re delicious! Just keep reading:

Coffee talk: Nespresso Limited Edition Variations

[:en] It is no secret that I love coffee. It’s not just about the kick I get from it, but also the taste of coffee. The new Nespresso Limited Edition Variations ticks all boxes for me!

Easy Recipe: Bananenschnitte

[:en] As you guys know, I grew up in Portugal. They don’t have the same desserts or cakes as here in Austria – unfortunately. When Markus had his birthday last year, I wanted to make him one of his favorite cakes and so I made Bananenschnitte for the first time.…

Easy Recipe: the easiest cookies!

[:en] Do you know those days when you’re craving something sweet or someone will visit you in an hour and you don’t have anything at home? These cookies will be perfect then! The best part? You can personalise them the way you want to!

Easy Recipe: Chicken zucchini pasta

[:en] I’ve told you before some of my favorite things to cook involve pasta. They’re also perfect to cook on days when you didn’t have much to eat and are craving something more substantial. Today I’m sharing with you a very simple and yummy recipe!

Der perfekte Sommersalat

Im Sommer, wenn es wirklich heiß ist und wir alles schmelzen, sind Salate wirklich am einfachsten zu kochen – Sommer Salate am besten! Sie sind einfach zu machen und gesünder als eine “nur Eis” Diät. Ich versuche seit kurzem gesünder zu essen und Salat esind jetzt meine go-to Mahlzeiten –…

Restaurant Review: Dionysos

[:en] There’s a Greek restaurant near Linz that we had been wanting to try out for a while. Last week we spontaneously decided to go there and were lucky to get a table without a reservation. The location, the very nice service and the yummy food made us feel like…

Easy Recipe: The healthy low carb alternative to pizza!

[:en] Who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza is good, it’s cheezy, it’s yummy. It’s also somewhat unhealthy and in my case the dough is not good on my tummy. But when I saw this recipe on pinterest, I imediately wanted to do it at home! All the yummyness without the badness!…

Easy Recipe: scones with butter and jam

Well…in all fairness I only made the scones. The butter was store bought and the jam was made by Markus and his sister two Summers ago. Did you know my man can make jam? I didn’t either, until he told me in detail how it was. And it tastes amazing. Even better…

Easy Recipe: Chicken with humus

It’s no secret that I’m not the best cook out there. However, living without a kitchen for 3 weeks made me miss cooking and therefore want to try out new things in the cooking department! Whose recipe I tried out and what I thought is right below!