Busy Bee

Hello lovely smiling people! =D
Hope everyone is doing great today!!! 
Yesterday I spent my day with the Bestie and a friend of ours (actually he was her friend for years, but since I’m a jealous friend I “stole” him and now he’s my friend too =P) and we went out for lunch together and had a great time! But then he had to go study for a test (that reminds me I need to send him a text asking how it went!!!) so me and Bestie went to the mall to have some Starbucks (what? We like our coffee!!!)

 I had seen the post where the lovely Vicky posted she had bought a new lipstick from MAC and later on posted a picture wearing it and I was IN LOVE! I immediately decided to go to MAC and look that lipstick up (after asking myself why the heck I hadn’t seen in last time when me and the girl who works there were talking for 2 hours about make-up. No joke. We’re on first name basis!!!) so I kindly gave the order asked Bestie if we could go and see it and of course she was game! So we went…and I fell even MORE in love, if that is even possible! And I bought it and it’s currently sitting on the desk looking at me! =D 

I really want to show you pictures BUT I decided I need to clear out my room from all the stuff that I don’t use/is broken/I’ve forgotten exists! So, later I will take pictures and post them here! =D

I hope everyone is having a blasting Thursday!!! Let me know what you are doing! =)

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would make my day!!!!
**Hugs and Kisses**


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