Be Happy!

Hello guys!!
Long time no write! I know..but March has always been a weird month for me..and I’ve been just crazy with uni stuff and going out with friends and I started dating someone and life just got into the way and Teacups and Dresses was left a little behind..
But I did not forget about my little baby, and here I am, letting you all know I haven’t forgotten about you guys either! 
I have two quotes for you, I hope you like!
In my opinion, life is to short not to be happy! Regardless if it is someone you know, a job, a college course..if it doesn’t make you happy or won’t make you happy in the long’s not worth it at you should try something that does make you happy! =D
I also believe that being yourself is the best thing! Why? Because if you’re pretending to be someone else, you just aren’t being truthful to yourself (and others) and that just makes you unhappy… 
So bottom truthful to yourself..and most of all be happy!!!!
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Be nice and HAPPY!


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