Easy Recipe: Bananenschnitte

As you guys know, I grew up in Portugal. They don’t have the same desserts or cakes as here in Austria – unfortunately. When Markus had his birthday last year, I wanted to make him one of his favorite cakes and so I made Bananenschnitte for the first time. Since then I’ve made it a few times, as well as a few weeks ago. 

Since some of you on Instagram were curious about it, I’m sharing the recipe for Bananenschnitte with you today!

Bananenschnitte - Rezept

{Recipe} Bananenschnitte – Ingredients


  • 6 Eggs
  • 210 gram Sugar
  • 180 gram flour


  • Peach marmelade
  • circa 1.5 Kg bananas
  • Vanilla pudding
  • 1.4 Ml Milk
  • 3 spoons of sugar


  • 100 gram cooking chocolate
  • 100 gram butter
  • Some milk, if needed

Let’s go!

For the cake you need to separate the eggs. Beat the suger with the egg yolks until they get foamy. Then take the flour and mix it in. Beat the egg whites until they’re harder and mix with the rest of the batter. Then put the whole thing on a baking tray (I always use some baking sheets as well so it doesn’t stick to the tray) and take it into the pre-heated over at 180º for about 20 minutes. When it is done, take the cake from the paper and let it cool – you can also put some sugar on it so it doesn’t stick, but if you take it from the baking sheets right away, it won’t stick to the baking tray.

Bananenschnitte - Rezept

The key ingredient: the bananas

When the cake is cool, take some peach marmelade onto it. Then cut the bananas and put them on top of the cake with the marmelade. 

It should look something like this:

Bananenschnitte - Rezept

Vanilla pudding

Some recipes use buttercream, but I use only the pudding since it is enough. According to the recipe you should mix the pudding powder with 2 to 5 spoons of milk and then boil the rest of the milk with 3 spoons of sugar. Once it is starting to boil, you mix both of the liquids, let the pudding cool for a bit and then spread it over the bananas. I always leave the sugar, since the pudding is sweet enough without it.

Bananenschnitte - Rezept

The cover

To make the cover, just melt the chocolate with the butter. It should get really liquidy, so you can make sure that everything is mixed up together and there are no lumps. Then it needs to cool a good while, before it can be spread onto the rest of the cake – which is in the fridge at this point until it is needed again.

Once the chocolate has cooled, it’s time to spread it onto the layer cake! All you need to do is spread it until everything is covered. Then it goes back into the fridge until it has solidified. A few hours later you can already eat it!

Bananenschnitte - Rezept

Bananenschnitte aren’t supposed to be too sweet and the bananas make it very refreshing! You can find a ton of recipes online, but this one is my favorite – with my own changes of course! Markus isn’t really a cake fan, but Bananenschnitte is his favorite dessert and I am happy to make it for him.

Hasve you ever tried Bananenschnitte? What is your favorite cake? Do you prefer it to be sweet or fruity?


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