Bad hair day?

I slept with my hair in a bun from Friday to Saturday, partly because Cookie kept playing with it while I was trying to sleep and partly because I couldn’t find a position to sleep with it untied. Needless to say, when I woke up on Saturday it was a big old huge mess!
After getting dressed, I decided I would straighten it, because it’s easier to do, simple and fast. Yeah right…if only my hair was collaborating. Which it wasn’t, by the way. So, I ended up with straight pieces underneath and the layers above wouldn’t get straight. It was never racking! (what, I’m a girl, these things affect us, ok???). So I decided to do what any girl would do. I yelled at my hair, put all the fault on my parents for not giving me “normal” hair and then decided to work with it. I ended up half-curling the shorter layers and left the bottom layers straight. 
And surprise, surprise…I actually liked it! Of course that means I’ll never be able to achieve the same look again..*sigh*.. 
Behold the result:
Not bad, right? Right? (please say right…). 
Do you like my necklace in the picture above? By the way, I really love the color pay-off of the picture…makes my skin look so flawless…if only it was true..
For my makeup I went with my beloved Naked 3 palette to create a pretty, simple, feminine look. Just my style! I went with a bit of eyeliner and mascara and voilá!
I might do a review on my eyeliner. It costs 2€ and is amazing!
Have a great day!


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