Accessory heaven at Peek & Cloppenburg

As you know, I finally bought my beloved Michael Kors bag last Summer. I bought it at Peek & Cloppenburg in the Passage in Linz and i have to say, it was a score! I was simply lucky, to be honest, as I went in “just to see” and found the bags were with a 50% sale. The rest is history..

Accessory heaven at Peek & Cloppenburg

What I didn’t know at the time: Peek & Cloppenburg has an online store in Austria – right now with a lot of bags on sale! How come I didn’t know this?! Well…I looked around the website and now I have a lot of things on my wishlist that I just have to have. Personally, I think the website is really amazing and it even has a Plus Size section! Today I decided to share with you a couple or things I’d really like to add to my collection…

Peek & Cloppenburg

This Michael Kors wallet not only has a beautiful color, it also looks luxurious and is something different that what I already own. I am so in love with it – it’s so beautiful! It’s big, but totally different inside. And it’s on sale for 30% less!

 I also found the same Michael Kors Jet Set Travel bag I have on sale! Sure, it’s not as cheap as I got it at the time, but I find 20% off of a MK bag a very good deal! You can find it in Blue – as I have it – or Cognac like on the picture.

How pretty is this watch from Rosefield? It’s not on sale, but I don’t find it expensive priced at 89,95€. I found it in a light pink and silver – so gorgeous and perfect to keep your time in check.

This cardholder – also by Michael Kors – is also not on sale and we can get it for 50€. It isn’t exactly inexpensive since it is “just” a cardholder, but because it is in Saffianoleather I think the price is just. My bag is also in the same leather and has NO dents or defects. I this this would be perfect for my new Blog businesscards!

Last, but definitely not least, I rediscovered this DKNY Shopper on the Peek & Cloppenburg online store. I write “rediscovered” on purpose, because I first saw this bag over 6 months ago (also at the Peek & Cloppenburg store in the Passage in Linz) and fell totally in love. The shopper is feminine, chic and timeless. It costs 250€ – definitely not cheap, but the leather quality is amazing and I have learned that paying for quality is worth it. Oh and if it isn’t clear yet, the bag is on my wishlist – and my birthday is on the 3rd of June. In case you want to know 😉 

On a more serious note – I am very (positively) surprised by the Peek & Cloppenburg Online Shop! It’s so easy to find what you want if you don’t have a store near you it’s also very practical. I always have to drive into town to the Passage or to Plus City to get to a P&C Store, so I find the Online Shop very practical in that sense. Also, you can write down the reference of an item you want and safe yourself the hassle of looking for it in store – just ask one of the people working there!

Have you ever shopped at the Peek & Cloppenburg Online Shop? Tell me what is currently on your wishlist!

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