A Tail of two Brains!

Hey hey everyone!!

A year ago my Mr. told me about this seminar he had seen online about how to make your marriage (or relationship) work. He spoke wonders of it and wanted me to see it with him, but since my attention spam isn’t exactly the best after the first 10min of seeing something, we never really got to do it… 

And also, I kinda thought he was using it as an excuse for men not listening to women xD But yesterday we finally got to watch it together! And I must say…my Mr. was absolutely right!!!!

The man who speaks in this seminar (called The Tail of two brains) is Mark Gungor, he’s a pastor, he’s been married for 32 years and saying he’s funny doesn’t even cover it!!! He explains how women and men brains are wired differently, but he does it in a funny way!!

He goes from talking about how differently we think, to explaining why sometimes men seem like they’re doing nothing (hint: they are doing nothing!!), how women talk to them from the other side of the house and expect them to listen, not forgetting about sex and how rewarding and showing appreciation is important for a man and how women thrive on emotions…all with much humor and intelligence!!

Mark portrays women talking in a singing “dudidudi lalalala” kind of way, and saying he’s hilarious is putting it mildly!!! He truly touches subjects every couple has to go through (like men leaving his pile of laundry on the floor or women multitasking to a crazy level) and does it in a very funny way!!!

I’m sharing the videos here and urge you to go see them!! I promise you won’t get disappointed!! And this isn’t only for taken people, all you lovely single readers should watch it too!! It’s funny and enlightening and it will change your whole perspective about the opposite sex!

I hope you have an amazing Sunday!




  1. Nora
    Sunday February 24th, 2013 / 08:32 PM

    Seems interesting! I have no boyfriend but I will see it anyways


  2. Monday March 4th, 2013 / 09:34 PM

    You should see it!! It's funny and entertaining while it teaches you stuff!

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