A post written by Merlin the Cat.

This is Merlin writing. I am Rosie’s cat. Or so she thinks! In reality SHE is MY human!!!
I wanted to share some facts about me
I like to run around and then lay on the floor in the most inconvenient places you can think of. And if someone tries to step over me I start a fight with their leg. 


I like boxes. They are fun and I like so see if I can fit into them. I like to pretend I’m not there and see what happens. It never works. These human’s I live with are smart!
Sometimes I try other hiding places and make noise to scare them. Rosie gets scared very easy and it’s fun to watch. I usually let her pet me afterwards, so she’s happy.
Sometimes I get into small places when no one’s watching and then I stay there for as long as I want, ignoring their calls for me!
This was under the kitchen table, where the drawer should be. 
After all that work I usually go up to Rosie’s bed and sleep. I always take her blanket and turn it upside down because I know she doesn’t like that!
But, the only thing you really need to know about me is: 
I’m pretty darn cool!

Now you should all go a check out Rosie’s Facebook Page and her Twitter to amuse me!
Remember, Cat’s Rule!!!!!!!!
Merlin, the king of cats!


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