A great way to spend a holiday!

Hey hey everyone!!
Yesterday was a holiday in Portugal and I spent the day at my Mr’s house with him and his parents!! 
We barbecued…and by “we” I mean that the Mr set up the fire and grilled the meat…me and his mum made the mushrooms and the rest =)
We had the company of this little fella! How cute is he? He was annoyed at the dog when I took this pic =P he truly is a gorgeous cat!
And I even got to play around with my Mr’s new compound bow!

How cute are the color effects in it?? It’s a black bow with this very cool and psychedelic blue spots in it! Gorgeous! 

I’m wearing just some jeans and a t-shirt my lovely friend Milena gave me as a present! I absolutely love the color and the cut! It feels so great on, and it looks great too! It’s supposed to be off the shoulder, but you can’t see it as I was wearing the cardigan over it!
Later in the evening we went out on a double date with a couple friends of ours! I always like those double dates we have with them, they’re a very nice couple!
All in all it was a great day and I loved all of it!
How was your Friday?



  1. Saturday October 6th, 2012 / 03:29 PM

    I see Mr didn't trust you with an arrow 😛

  2. Saturday October 6th, 2012 / 05:08 PM

    Great pictures! That cat is so cute haha.

  3. Saturday October 6th, 2012 / 05:38 PM

    really cool pictures

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  4. Sunday October 14th, 2012 / 06:14 PM

    Oh, he did…but then instead of firing into the supposed place, I fired into the tree…so he took it from me as a way of prevention xDDD

    Kisses honey!

  5. Sunday October 14th, 2012 / 06:14 PM

    Thank you! Yes, he's adorable =)


  6. Sunday October 14th, 2012 / 06:20 PM

    Thank you =)
    I will check it out!


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