A girl’s best friend..

If you have cats, you know they shed. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes you hardly see it. And more often than not, at least that’s my experience, the cat (who doesn’t really like to cuddle like, at all) decides she wants to sit on your lap on those days you need to look your best. And even more if you’re running late or need to get out of the door in a few minutes.
Then what happens is that you’re on your way to a job interview in the tram and look down to your pants only to *gasp* discover them full of cat hair.
After panicking a bit you remember you awesome Mum and Dad gave you this (look above) for situations like this and you start looking through your bag like a crazy person looking for…whatever makes them crazy.
Until you find it and everything is good in your world again.
This is a lint roller and a girls best friend! I mean, seriously, can you see the hairs it caught from my pants? (I left it dirty on purpose so you could see how good it works, because sometimes they are so shitty they don’t even take one hair) 
I keep this in my bag at all times. I don’t care if I’m only going to the corner, it’s in my bag. I have the same relationship with this as I have with my asthma inhaler, with the difference that I use this more often.
If you don’t have a small portable lint roller I suggest you get one because it can save your life! Trust me!


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