A completely useless post! =P

Hey hey everyone!!

How have you all been?

I’ve had a couple of rough days last week when somehow my body decided August was a good time to get a flu…which resulted in me having a high fever, lousy mood and wearing a polar jacket indoors…yeah…

At least my Mum was sweet enough to bring me some (horrible tasting) tea and I think that helped..

Right now I’m just darn annoyed because of my University…our schedules are long due and we haven’t gotten them yet…and the thing is, we have to make our inscriptions on Monday the 10th and how are we suppose to know what classes we are having if we don’t have the schedule to choose from?? 

It’s just so annoying..like, literally me and my best buddy H. are so annoyed about it, we just wanna go there and yell at the people xD but then again, it’s not their fault that the things aren’t being done on time..


On a weird note, my hair is growing out blonde…it’s weird since I was a redhead/strawberry blond when I first started dying my hair…12 years ago =P But I’m kinda liking the change =D
Sorry for the rant everyone!! I hope you guys have an amazing day!!!
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