5 Tips for Holiday Shopping!

Hey hey everyone!
Since it’s already December and Christmas is only a few weeks away, I decided to write a Christmas shopping guide to help you out with your gift shopping! 
Here are my tips!
1- Plan beforehand! If you leave the Christmas shopping for the last minute, you’ll end up stressed and annoyed. Not to mention that you’ll probably end up giving up more money that you have or wanted to in the first place, because the things available are not what you wanted anymore.
2- Make a list and determine a budget! Write down everyone you want to give a present to and how much you can afford to spend. Then determine who comes first in your list (like parents or boyfriend/girlfriend). This way you know who you want to give something nicer and also how much you’d like to spend on their gift. Maybe you already know something they would like to get.
3- Get into your head that you don’t need to spend a lot!!! I feel like more often than not people think that they need to spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts and that’s just utter bullshit! You could make something for them if you’re amazing at DIY’s! Sometimes something small is more meaningful that a big expensive thing.
4- Go early! Don’t get into a shopping mall at noon or in the afternoon (unless you love crowded places and if that’s your thing, more power for you!), instead go shopping in the early morning, when the shops are not too full and the sales people are still eager to help and not tired of the storm of people wanting to get the latest deal!
5- Do it with love! I think this is the most important tip I can give you. The best presents I’ve received or given weren’t very big or expensive, they were given with love. One of my favorite presents ever was a ring my parents gave me two years ago, because they knew the meaning it had to me. Knowing that they were actually listening when I told them that made it much more special! Another thing is a small pouch my aunt made herself, it didn’t cost much, but knowing she took time of her day to make something for me really means something!
Do you guys like these tips? What would you add?
Happy shopping!
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